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Here are details of previous releases. If they're here, they are no longer available. Apologies.


Tea & Two Slices cider is the all and the everything. This is made with what's left when all else has been sectioned off into this thing or that thing. All wild fruit and all wild fermented, this still cider has a tang of Atlantic minerality from Cornish coastal apples, is unrefined and unapologetic. Take it or leave it, if you don't drink it, we'll drink it ourselves.  7% abv . 750ml.

Caervallack Wild cider is made with fruit from an orchard just near Manaccan. Varieties in the 2022 are Manaccan Primrose and Cornish Longstem with a little Dufflin and Colggett Pippin. It has flavours of baked apple, hay and a floral note from the Manaccan Primrose. Slightly naturally sparkling, strightforward and earthy  8% abv . 750ml.

Longarm Mr Bones 2022 still cider is made with mostly Cornish heritage dessert varieties such as Cornish Gillyflower, Dufflin and Red Roller from a small orchard in Porthallow. This fruit lends the cider a bright acidity and aromatic quality. However, the addition of Mr Bones wild crabapples from North Devon brings a grippy astringency we love.  7.2% abv . 750ml.

Twelveheads 2022. This methode ancestrale, spontaneously fermented cider is made from a population of seedling trees around the village of Twelveheads. As with most of what we make it's bone-dry and tart but also has a whisper of smokiness, gravel and willowy dells. This may well be due to fermentation in part by Brettanomyces yeasts, but we think it adds something here. It's frisky, so serve well chilled. 7% abv . 750ml.

Skytramp 2022 still cider. A buzzard on every pole. The ragged and dishevelled silhouette of this ubiquitous scavenger can be seen high aboe the population of wild apples which come together to make this cider. Still and tart, it has a minerality reminiscent of the granite tors which punctuate Cornwall's spine. 8% abv . 750ml.

All the Russets cider is made from a combination of Ashmead's Kernel, Egremenot Russet and the near legendary seedling tree Coverack Russet, subject to pilgrimage and homage from across the globe. The first two varieties lend a nutty dignity to this still cider, whilst the Coverack brings a soft and mellow tannin commensurate with standing fast through years of Atlantic storms. 6.8% abv . 750ml.

It's not a blend of apples and pears, it's a cider plain and simple. Actually it's a single variety cider made with pear apple, a variety rediscovered by James Evans and Mary Martin as a single tree growing in a derelict orchard near Golant and named because it looks like a pear. Imaginative. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time a single variety cider has been made with these apples. We will definitely be making more. It's bone dry and still with a lovely round, tannic middle, pairs very nicely with strong cheese. This is an absolute belter (if we may be so bold), grab it while you can. Other Cornish makers will be doing this soon we predict. 6.8% abv . 750ml.

Tucked away on the Northern edag of Padstow is the walled garden which traditionally served the the house at Prideaux Place. Now run by head gardener Emma, the site is an ecologically minded flower and kitchen garden abundant in good things. Remnant to a previous incarnation are a small number of old Perry and dessert pear trees, the fruit of which makes what you have in your hand. 6% abv . 750ml.

Perry made from Kentish Duchesse D'Angouleme dessert pears, with a small quantity of true Malus sylvestris apples from the North Downs. It has a vinous texture with bright acidity and all but dry, this brings feelings of sunny summer days on windswept heaths to mind. As far as we know, nobody else makes a Perry from this pear variety. 6% abv . 750ml.

Still cider. Grimshall Late is made with end of season fruit from a small orchard of very old trees near Lostwithiel. Varieties uncertain, but heavy on Colloggett Pippin with some Breadfruit. Tart, with some astringency and a middle tannin, spontaeously fermented, unfiltered and unpasteurised, as with all our stuff and no sulphites. 7.5% abv . 750ml.

Made with mostly Cornish dessert varieties such as Cornish Gillyflower and Red Roller from a small orchard in Porthallow, Longarm is a spontaneously fermented, ancestral method, sparlikng dry cider and requires chilling before serving. It is light, crisp and aromatic. 6.5% abv . 750ml.


La Duchesse Perry 2021.

This was the first Perry we made and the first time using this fruit from Kent. It was ace and we're sad it's gone. Duchesse D'Angouleme pears with a small quantity of Evereste crab apples. You can read a review of it here and feel sad you never drank any.


Peak & Trough Cider 2021.

This cider was made with the highest and lowest apples in Cornwall, hence the name. There is a population of wild apples clinging to the side of windswept tor land and another about eight feet above mean high water. These combined to make this sparkling, dry cider. Read a review here. These trees made no fruit in 2022, but we're hopeful for 2023 for another go.

Caevallack Wild 2021.

This still cider was made with a combination of Manaccan Primrose and Cornish Longstem from a small orchard owned by dear friends of ours near Manaccan. Tart but with a residual sweetness which leant this cider a melifluous, mouth-coating loveliness.

Parbados Insanity Perry 2021

This still Perry was made from the fruit of a single wild pear tree growing on the dunes behind Par beach and discovered by conspiritor William Arnold, who described the fruit as tasting like a sloe made of bog-roll. Just our sort of thing. The resultant Perry tasted very much like the Perry which Tenant's would make if they made Perry. Pure park-bench appeal. Not for the faint-hearted, we never actually released this Perry. You'll notice it was in 500ml bottles. There was a very good reason for that. It was insane.

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