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If vagrant has a home, it’s perched high up in the woods, a timber-framed shed inaccessible by vehicles. Nothing here arrives on a truck, no loading bay to serve one. All that arrives or leaves is carried in and out by hand. It is only a home in the sense of a point of reference or the place of alchemy, as important in its own way as the other nodes of arrival in the year. Send a message and we’ll find you. If you arrive by sea, leave the quay and the creekside light industry behind and head inland for the high ground. Make your way on foot through the valley shrouded in atlantic rainforest to the highest point before the still water, just follow the brook upstream and look up between the oak trees. Through the blackened gates you might catch a glimpse of delicate pink blossom or the precious red of ripening fruit depending on when you get here. If we know you’re coming, we’ll be waiting for you.

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