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It’s not a blend of apples and pears, it’s a cider plain and simple. Actually it’s a single variety cider made with pear apple, a variety rediscovered by James Evans & Mary Martin as a single tree growing in a derelict orchard in Golant and named because it looks like a pear. Imaginative. To the best of our knowledge, we are the only producers making a single variety cider with these apples. We will definitely be making more. It’s dry and still with a lovely round, tannic middle, pairs very nicely with strong cheese. Fresh as a spring breeze..  4.8% abv . 750ml.

Pear Apple 2023

  • Shipping booze, it turns out is remarkably complicated. Not all carriers will do it. APC will, so we use them. We are tiny makers and don't do massive volumes so can't qualify for big shipping discounts. This is why we have a minimum order requirement and shipping is a flat rate of £8.00 for a box of six bottles.

  • We require a minimum order of 6 bottles to justify shipping at flat rate of £8.00 per box of 6 bottles.

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