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Normally, Perry is made with varieties of Pyrus communis found suitable over many years for making this delicious and underrated drink. However, this Perry is made with Pyrus pyraster. Beloved of urban planners everywhere, it’s very widely planted as a street tree. The fruit from this pear species is extremely astringent, whilst also possessing reasonable levels of acidity and sugars. The resultant Perry is not for the faint hearted, and certainly not for the uninitiated who have never tried Perry before. Don’t let this be your introduction. For those brave pioneering souls well on their Perry journey, this offers something unique. It pairs exceptionally well with very sweet chocolate desserts.  6.8% abv . 750ml.

Ring Road Perry 2023

  • Shipping booze, it turns out is remarkably complicated. Not all carriers will do it. APC will, so we use them. We are tiny makers and don't do massive volumes so can't qualify for big shipping discounts. This is why we have a minimum order requirement and shipping is a flat rate of £8.00 for a box of six bottles.

  • We require a minimum order of 6 bottles to justify shipping at flat rate of £8.00 per box of 6 bottles.

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